Sunday Morning Services

Our morning service starts at 11.00 am.

P1040110This is our main service and is usually quite relaxed. Our service format is easy to follow, and led from the front so it is always clear what’s going on. Words for the songs, hymns and responsive prayers are projected on a large screen so it’s easy to take part if you want to, but no-one will think badly of you if you stay seated, or choose not to sing. We want you to feel at home with us. People of all ages attend our services. If you have young children we aren’t worried if they make some noise during the service.

We have a mixture of services on Sunday mornings: Trinity Together, Holy Communion, Morning Prayer and Healing Services. The services here are based on teaching from the Bible, worship (using a mix of both modern songs and traditional hymns) and times of prayer. Sunday school runs most Sundays of the year. Everyone comes to church together and the children leave for their groups after the service begins. There are no children and youth groups on Trinity Together Sundays. For more information about children and youth groups  please go to our our children’s and youth groups page.

 Trinity Together

Trinity Together
Trinity Together

We have a Trinity Together service on the first Sunday of the month where everyone starts the service together. We then split into three groups to study the same theme in three learning styles. Those who would rather sit and listen can stay in the main body of the church and listen to a sermon. Other options have so far included a discussion group in the Montgomerie room and a Messy church in the Garven room where the theme will be explored through craft activity. We run Sunday school most of the other Sundays of the year.Everyone comes to church together and the children leave for their groups after the service begins.



The service usually lasts seventy five minutes. Tea and coffee is served after the service. Holy Trinity Members enjoy staying to chat after the service and we would be delighted for you to join us.

Sunday Evening Services

Sunday Evening Services are held at 6.30 pm.

Sunday Evenings are quieter than the mornings and alternate between Evening Prayer and Holy Communion services from Common Worship

The evening service starts at 6.30. It is a much smaller service than the morning, but follows a similar format. Again we serve Tea and Coffee after the service.